Royal blue and White football scarf

140 Cruzeiro 노래 & 앰프; 축구 노래

Brazilian Champions three times. Play at the Mineirão, Belo Horizonte.

640 Come on Cruzeiro A TFC music 재생 목록
1637 Oh My Love Cruzeiro Support Cruzeiro is a deep feeling of love 재생 목록
1750 I Want to See Crowd sing to encourage the team to play hard. 재생 목록
2115 A Beer Please Recent music from Cruzeiro supporters. Goes on forever... 재생 목록
2744 We Sing with Such Emotion TFC (Torcida Fanati-Cruz) song 재생 목록
3566 Sunday, I Go to the Mineirao It's a very popular song, used by different brazilian club fans. Parody of "O Campeao" 재생 목록
4016 A Lot of Emotion Cruzeiro the biggest champion of Mineirão 재생 목록
4499 2003 I Saw, 2005 I Laughed A joke with Clube Atlético Mineiro. Cruzeiro was the 2003 Brazilian Championship champion and their rival Clube Atlético Mineiro was demoted to Brazil second-division in 2005. 재생 목록
5504 We Have Two Libertadores Having a go at Clube Atlético Mineiro - they never have seen and they will never see the prizes we've won (Gaylos) 재생 목록
5581 Reared Chickens Funny joke with CAM (Atlético-MG) usually called hens for the cruzeiro fans. This chant is a parody of the chant used for the french supporters after the final of 1998 World Cup 재생 목록
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7002 Cruzeiro’s Anthem The Cruzeiro's anthem. Great ringtone for Cruzeiro fans 재생 목록
8740 I Am Cruzeiro Support Cruzeiro is a deep feeling 재생 목록
9639 Save Save Cruzeiro So many times Cruzeiro my dear club, i gave up my life to be with you 재생 목록
11662 Ae Ae Ae Ae Cruzeiro Cruzeiro Oh Oh Oh Provoking the opponent football association fan called "Galoucura", usually cruzeiro fans refers to them as street dogs. 재생 목록
12019 It`s Me of Mafia Azul Máfia Azul association fans chant 재생 목록
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최고의 Cruzeiro 축구 부른다과 축구 노래 가사와 다운로드 프로 진화 및 FIFA 게임에 대 한 준비가.